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i watched beef 2 and 3 today and I swear on god I miss that era of rap


you take life way too serious if you can’t enjoy listening to chief keef, migos etc. at least sometimes.

Q: Love the blog man :)

thanks but dont send me anymore smile faces doe

asked by evince-benevolence


People stay asking my dude Thizzles for selfies. I see anons asking him for selfies more than most of the bitches I follow.

Q: can we see a recent photo of you like deadass be real with your followers dawg

asked by Anonymous
Q: Who we flamin tonight?

hopefully nobody

asked by Anonymous
Q: Make my haiku fire blood


nigga who is u

cause i aint got a damn clue

so u need 2 shoo

asked by splashufgold
Q: lamilton as da avi. i see u.

i see u 2 not in a weird way tho….

asked by dimthelightsdownlow
Q: kakashi a bitch nigga he let his eye get taken.

nigga wasn’t even looking at the fight wth was he even looking at smh

asked by Anonymous

finna make y’all sad lol

Q: i like ur tumblr avatar

its me

asked by bestfoesforever