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Q: bruh, I need advice. I'm skipping school almost every day now and I'm probably not gonna graduate on time because of a bunch of senior shit I have to do. What should I do? I don't really want to go to college and I've been pursuing film and music for years.

shit tbh you might have enough credits to get your diploma 

asked by Anonymous
Q: I'ma send u nudes tonight.

you lyin

asked by Anonymous
Q: that girl gunsounds tell her i wanna have secks fuck tio chad

asked by babyguwop
Q: How old are you

old enough to catch bodies

asked by Anonymous

y’all ladies ight y’all aint finna catch me gassin at 100%  im always at 0.1%

Q: Jose guwop 😍

asked by joseguwop
Q: I'm my own crush tbh I go hord

awww have fun with all those cats & drake cds

asked by e-shawty
Q: that girl Natalie whew

4 real

asked by softcore-fuckery